Hand showers

Oras Hydractiva Digital 242405

Ручной душ, Bluetooth 22 291 ₽
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Технические характеристики
Установочные размеры G1/2
Горячее водоснабжение max. +65°C
Материал plastic
Рабочее давление 50 - 500 kPa
Потенциал детали SelfPowered
EAN 6414150097232
Директива ЕМС 2014/53/EU , 2011/65/EU
EN стандарт EN 1112
Степень защиты IP X7
Параметры расходы воды
Расход воды (300 кПа) (с ограничителем потока) 0.25 l/s
320 гр.
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Digital hand shower Designed to help you save water – with little effort. Save up to 22% in water and energy consumption with our new Oras Hydractiva Digital hand shower. By connecting the hand shower to the Digital Hand Shower App, you can set water consumption goals, receive data on your long-term usage, and to access tips on saving water. - Integrated display provides insights on total water and energy consumptions - Powered by water flow – no batteries required - Simple to attach – fits to all standard showers